Hi, I’m Cristiana.

As long as I remember, I love drawing and telling stories through images.
That’s how my atelier was born, the place where children’s decoration articles based on my illustrations’ universe grew up.
For over 15 years I was fully dedicated to that project. Then, one day, somewhere in 2015, I dreamed of something different, more in line with the way of life based on the respect for nature and the organic principles we’ve been practising at home for long.
I was always looking for safe materials, and concerned about recycling and reusing, now it was time to take the step ahead.
It took me five years, many experiments and lots of research before I could start preparing my own paints. The process is not yet completed, every day brings new and unexpected discoveries, but nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than exploiting new paths and different materials.
This process brought to life a wide range of new items and ways to give them use. If until then I was only focused on children’s universe, now these unique pieces came up, more trendy and versatile and created to be used by the whole family.
nenufar is a brand that uses natural woods, the paints are produced by me from wild plants I harvest and others I grow, natural waxes and vegetable oils, as natural as the fabrics are too.
I know where each raw material comes from.
These pieces are made of time, care and dedication.
My experience showed me that there is no point in rushing the processes, because they all involve hours of dedication, slow and thoughtful movements, a proper rhythm aligned with Nature’s one.
It often implies waiting for the right season to harvest that colour. It also requires tolerance and adaptation when the same plant generates different shades. But it also is that unique character that makes each piece so special.
I feel happy and fulfilled, now that I know the cycle has been closed. Without waste, each material is used in total respect for what Nature has to offer.
I hope you will join me on this journey, by allowing me to bring a bit of Nature into your home.