My concern is to create safe, beautiful and functional pieces and, as important as that, if not more, sustainable ones.
The illustrations:
Illustrations are my major passion! I love drawing and creating universes through my paintings.
My illustrations are painted with natural pigments, prepared by me with plants I harvest.
Each painting is unique and unrepeatable. Sometimes they are the result of my imagination, others they are personalised, born from a dialogue with the client.
You can also choose printed illustrations. These are always made from original illustrations that I created to be reproduced.
They are printed on watercolour paper, so that the texture of the paper gives them an appearance similar to that of an original painting.
All prints are signed and dated by hand.
The Rugs:
My concern with the environment led me to look for these rugs made of cotton and other recovered and recycled fibers from the textile industry.
They are comfy, soft, beautiful and can be any size or colour.
In addition, they have the great advantage of being machine washable.
The paints:
Paints are prepared by me, from wild plants I harvest myself, and others I grow.
I spent three years researching and experimenting ancient techniques, when chemicals were not yet an option. The paints I use are the result of this path which gave me so much pleasure. They are safe, resistant, stable and with tones that vary with the whims of Nature.
The woods:
Wooden pieces are designed by me and made by carpenters who have been with me over the years.
Wood is a natural, renewable product that I especially like. Not only for its versatility and ease of handling, but also for being safe, non-toxic (doesn’t release odors or vapors of chemical origin) and extremely durable (how many pieces of wood did we inherit from our grandparents and still keep as treasures?).
The waxes and varnishes:
Wood pieces are waxed and varnished with beeswax (I buy it from a neighbor, which makes me wonder that their bees stock up on my plants! :-)) and with natural oils.
They have a satin and waterproof finish, very soft to the touch, free of toxic products.