These are the principles I follow and respect in my studio:

Ethics: with what I produce; to the suppliers (with a special affection towards those who run family businesses, like I do); to my clients, who inspire me so much and believe, trust and cherish my work.

Waste: in the studio, waste is reduced to a minimum. Materials left over from one work gain a new life in another. I often bring them home, where, together with my children and their friends, we have amusing afternoons letting go of the imagination.

Reuse and recycling: all the stuff I cannot reuse is carefully separated for recycling. However, whenever possible, we reuse raw materials, as well as packaging. Don’t be surprised if your order is delivered in a recycled packaging! It’s a way of avoiding waste and protecting the planet. I’ll try to give it a special touch so you can see it was refitted just for you!

Local suppliers: Whenever possible, I choose local suppliers as a carbon footprint option, as well as a way to support local and nearby producers.

Fair trade: I believe we all have a responsibility towards society. The same way I like my work to be respected, I have the utmost respect for others with whom I have been working in partnership for so many years.

It may seem these are just small grains in the sand, but it’s within everyone’s hands reach to contribute to a healthier world, where our children may grow. It’s possible to live in respect and communion with our environment, without having to give up functionality and comfort in our life. 


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