Graphic Diary

Did you knew that long before cameras and social networking, great adventurers (or just “ordinary” people) used to write in their diaries their day by day, which were often illustrated?
Just google to find out some examples. Beatrix Potter‘s is irresistible.
Moving on today, I love the work of Jennie Maizels (www.facebook.com/JennieMaizels/), an illustrator with one of the best graphic diaries I know! It’s worth to take a look! She is an exceptional person and a darling! We’re friends on instagram.
It is always time to start a graphic diary. But holidays are the perfect excuse.
Each member of the family should take a sketchbook with him, as well as scissors, adhesive tape, glue, pencils, pens, watercolours, everything which allows usto draw and paint.
So, dedicate every day some of your time to your diary. Draw that memorable moment which caused you a sensation you want to retain, or a breathtaking landscape you have visited, a cute dog that you have crossed, oreven an image from your imagination.
Don’t forget to write the date and place where it was made!
You can also paste small keepsakes, such as a train or museum ticket, a dry flower, a ribbon … With washi tape, these collages are even more fun.
                     Let’s do it?
                     Happy holidays!🌞