Summer is not over yet.
There is so much to enjoy and to create memories that will follow us in the colder seasons…
Since I like traditional games, I decided to use some pebbles we picked up on the beach and challenge you to a very simple diy, irresistible for players of all ages.
Let’s do it!
– Pebbles from the beach
– Old T-shirt (or other fabric that is no longer useful)
– Trapil yarn
– Scissor
– Black and white markers (I used Poska)
– Needle and thread (I used a sewing machine)
Choose five black pebbles and five white pebbles.
Decorate each one with different patterns.
On the t-shirt, draw the rooster game, paying attention to the size of the pebbles.
Cut two pieces of fabric, which include the game design, about 18 x 21 cm. I used the existing seam of the t-shirt to then pass the thread through.
Cut two strands of trapil yarn about 35 cm long.
Insert them into the hem of the bag and tie a knot at each end.
At the end, simply pack the pebbles into the bag.
Everything is ready to start playing! 
You can watch the video HERE.