The New Project

I would like to share with you this turning page in my brand’s history, which also turns out to be my own story.
When I started with handmade articles for children, back in 2001, I had no idea how far it would take me. The brand was growing, growing little by little, always backed by friends and inspiring customers.
Each piece, every detail, was handmade. Materials were carefully chosen, as they would be used by children.
Then in 2016 a new story began…
Here at home, we have long made a life quite close to Nature. We love to walk, hike, explore, collect natural treasures, build from them, draw every detail, feel the sun, the green, the silence.
I became more and more curious and increasingly interested in the pigments that Nature provides us, and how we processed and applied them for thousands of years.
I began experimenting and researching, and the more I discovered, the more I wanted to go further.
And so my ecological project was born, a search for harmony and balance with Nature.
Paints are prepared by me, from wild plants I harvest myself, and others I grow. Wood is a natural, renewable product, vegetable oils and beeswax are the finishing I use, and so they last and resist the passing of the years.
They also are safer and non-toxic for those who enjoy them, since there are no chemicals in their production.
Every piece is manufactured in its own rhythm, much slower than the one I was used to, but that’s what makes them special and unique, and the reason why I feel so passionate about this new, challenging, direction and procedure.
I would love you to join me on this adventure!
Go through the website and visit the shop. At this stage you have rugs and illustrations available, but other novelties will very soon to be found, all based on my drawings and paintings, since that is what I love do.
I feel happy and fulfilled, because I know that a cycle has closed. Without waste, each material is reused, in total respect for what Earth has to offer.
With Nenufar It’s my wish to bring a bit of Nature to your home!🧡